‘Manny’ Video Picks Up Where M.C. Rove Left Off

The absolute highlight of last night’s book party for Holly Peterson’s The Manny was the presentation of a, um, “viral” promo clip for the book, conceived (and perhaps bankrolled?) by the socialite auteur. “My publishers would like you to know they had nothing to do with this,” said Peterson, and we understand them completely. Still, the video just got posted on Daily Reel with a fawning write-up (“as creative as it gets”). We invite you to click through, provided you’re in the mood for UES types “rapping” about their Jamaican chauffeurs and Asian maids to a mangled Hall & Oates hook in the most horrifying display of minstrelsy this side of M.C. Rove. “We were just trying to be funny,” says director Michael Jaffe. Indeed! They even got a dwarf in there, and dwarves are comic gold — doubly so when they play babies! Triply so if it’s gay babies! Disclaimer: Daily Intel is not responsible if linking to the clip below results in spontaneous class war.

The Manny Book [The Daily Reel]
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