Oh, John-John

JFK Jr. had sex with escorts and men, but never with Madonna, according to a new book. Another new book reveals that people throw up a lot at Per Se and that the name on Frank Bruni’s credit card is Dirk McKenzie. Al Pacino spits a lot when he acts. A new novel by Megan McCafferty unflatteringly depicts Park Slope moms as, well, Park Slope moms. Cynthia Nixon was concerned that the Tonys were up against not just The Sopranos but also the Puerto Rican Day parade. House-shopping Conan O’Brien was kicked out of a prospective home.

Jay-Z and Amy Winehouse went to the Spotted Pig a year ago. Clay Aiken is still maybe gay, which is causing controversy on his Website. A Howard Stern producer stiffed a Hawaiian Tropic Zone waitress half of what she was owed. Dolly Parton has nothing to say about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Hilary Duff went to St. Bart’s for a wedding. A.J. Jacobs failed at living biblically.