Paris Likes Chinese

Paris Hilton’s first meal out of the clink was takeout from Mr. Chow. Former gossip columnist Charlotte Hays has written a book about attractive women and the rich men they marry. Rudy Giuliani wasn’t a fan of France until Nicolas Sarkoz — the “French Rudy” — was elected president. Brooke Astor may have cancer. Bill Clinton won’t be attending his personal trainer’s Chappaqua book signing. Laura Albert, better known as JT LeRoy, wants to pose for Playboy, though the magazine hasn’t made her an offer. Ashton, Demi, and their daughter went to the “Bodies” exhibit at South Street Seaport. A bunch of waiters are suing Sparks Steak House for allegedly using tip money to pay bartenders and others not entitled to it. Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman is throwing a party for Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Victoria Beckham may soon become Lady Victoria Beckham. Usher and fiancée Tameka Foster are going to have a baby. Brittany Murphy claims someone is stalking her, though it likely has to do with shady dealings on her boyfriend’s part. Nicky Hilton was annoyed she had to come back from Greece to celebrate Paris’s arrival from jail. A spinoff of Hollywood’s Mondrian Hotel will open in Soho in 2009. Pharrell saw Sicko in Beverly Hills. Bruce Willis likes picking up young girls, particularly in front of his 18-year-old daughter. Britney Spears was rumored to be performing on Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors tour, but she isn’t ready. Actor Gary Oldman doesn’t have a publicist and doesn’t want to be famous. A British biographer of Princess Di attacked Tina Brown’s biography of Princess Di. Clay Aiken partied with a bunch of male chorus dancers at Cain.