Puerto Rico, You Lovely Island


• The fallout from Sunday’s Puerto Rican Day parade included 208 arrests, a huge increase from last year’s 50 or so. The police insist all but ten of the arrested were “gang members.” [NYT]
• First Connecticut was on the brink of legalizing medical marijuana; now New York is, too. The legislation may be heading for the governor’s desk within ten days, and Spitzer, who earlier opposed the idea, now says he’s open to it. [NYDN]

• Opinions differ on federal farm subsidies, but everyone can probably agree on one thing: Edgar Bronfman Sr. will do fine without one. The Seagram billionaire has been receiving USDA aid, a group finds, as had Leonard Lauder, head of Estée Lauder. [NYS]
• Dina Matos is suing her former husband, Jim McGreevey, for supposedly ruining the sales of her book: The logic is that his public claims (that she knew he was gay all along) rob the memoir of its central point. [NYP]
• And it’s perfectly okay to bite a rooster’s head off — in moderation. A man who did just that is free after the prosecutors dropped the case on the condition he’s not rearrested within the next six months. Come January ‘08, it’s biting time! [amNY]