Barron Hilton Was Not Mugged

Security guards from Stereo thwarted a mugging of Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron Hilton. (And Barbara Walters will get Paris’s first post-prison interview.) Biographies of Dina Lohan state that she was a Rockette and Broadway actress, but she is neither. Porn star Savanna Samson backs Giuliani for president. Anna Quindlen is auctioning off naming rights to a character in her upcoming novel. Former Cosby Show star Phylicia Rashad often does not show up to parties she’s expected at. Bruce Willis was angry that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were dating until Will Smith gave him a talking-to. Bebe Neuwirth went to a chiropractor.

Justin Timberlake signed his first artist to his record label, and Britney Spears could be next. Oprah Winfrey has a tough time throwing away old clothes. Paris Hilton called Sarah Silverman “a bitch” for mocking her during the MTV Movie Awards. Cuba Gooding Jr. helped save the life of a gunshot victim. Fantastic Four’s Chris Evans and Friday Night LightsMinka Kelly hooked up. Steve Martin was beaten by his dad as a child. Bob Evans’s older brother, Charles, passed away. Eli Roth is not a fan of Ocean’s Twelve.