The ‘Daily News’ Is Not an Extraordinary Conglomeration of Multi-Functional Personnel

It’s no secret that enterprising Webtrepreneurs often buy Web addresses just a few characters away from popular ones, counting on typos to deliver you to their penis-enlargement pitches or AdSense agglomerations. But, as we discovered this morning, those seeking the Website for the New York Daily News, which is at, should make especially sure to get the full address in. A sleepily typed took us not to our Hometown Paper but to 123 Escorts, which offers Kim (“Just arrived in town!”) and Evian (“Here for a short time!”) among its “extraordinary conglomeration of bright, amiable, multi-functional personnel.” It’s not that we think such things will offend News readers’ delicate sensibilities. We’re just concerned they won’t be able to handle the porn site’s vocabulary.