When the Lights Go Down in the City


• Yesterday’s power outage lasted for less than an hour, but it closed down subway lines and affected about 385,000 people on the East Side and the Bronx. Con Ed doesn’t know what caused it, and the mayor, naturally, shrugged it off as a “minor inconvenience.” [NYP]

• And more selections from Bloomberg’s greatest hits, these two days after the MTA report on subway overcrowding: His subway ride is “not that crowded.” “Where did the MTA get those numbers from anyway?” “So you stand next to people. Get real. This is New York. What’s wrong with that?” [NYP]
• The NYPD got 1,097 officers bigger yesterday, after academy graduation at Madison Square Garden. Of course, that’s far fewer than should have graduated, mostly because no one really wants to get shot at for the current starting salary of $25,000. [NY1]
• Remember the money managers who raised $1 mil to bail a Georgia fellatio-recipient out of jail? Yeah, well, the judge yesterday ruled the dude ineligible for bail. [NYP]
• And if you’ve always wanted to cook like David Wright, this is your lucky week. A team cookbook, aptly titled GourMets, is set for release; the 47-page booklet includes recipes for matzo-ball soup, grilled snapper with avocado salsa, and pasta with zucchini and Parmesan. No recipe for hot dogs, though. [NYDN]