Traffic Jam


• It’s down to the wire — the deadline for the legislature to approve Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan is today — and the still-unbowed mayor is pulling out all stops: Yesterday, he campaigned for it in three churches, fer chrissakes. [NYT]

• Well, this is interesting: Remember Alan Hevesi, the wife-chauffeuring ex-comptroller? An investigation into his management of the state’s pension fund stalled after the disappearance of “sensitive documents.” Better yet, the vanishing act occurred on Hevesi’s replacement Tom DiNapoli’s watch. [NYP]
• On the anniversary of 1977 blackout looting, a crazed mob of 500 teenagers turned a Westchester sweet-16 party into a mass mêlée Saturday. The clashes began after a neighboring block party tried to “merge” with the sweet 16. It took hundreds of police officers to break up the fight. [amNY]
• Female rapper Remy Ma, of the Terror Squad, has turned herself in to the police and been arraigned on attempted-murder charges. She allegedly shot another woman Saturday in the meatpacking district. She’s pleading not guilty. [NYS]
• And the Funny Store is no more. The Times Square novelty emporium is picking up its plastic dog crap and the like and making room for something equally cringe-worthy: You got it, luxury condos. [NYDN]