All in the Family

Bee Shaffer and Austin Bryan, the offspring of Anna Wintour and her boyfriend, Shelby Bryan, held hands at Marquee. Harlem congressman Charles Rangel is likely getting a divorce and may be dating other women. The typewriter that disabled author Christy Brown used to bang out his best-selling autobiography (with his left foot, no less) will be auctioned off tomorrow. New York Yankee Jason Giambi took shots at a club. Sophie Dahl and longtime boyfriend Dan Baker Jr. broke up, and Mick Jagger may be to blame. Lindsay Lohan ex Harry Morton is now dating Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly. Mark Wahlberg and the real-life “E” acted like Vinnie Chase and the fictional “E.” Ronald and Nancy Reagan were once funneled money by a Hollywood studio through an illegitimate real-estate transaction.

A new tell-all notes that the members of Fleetwood Mac consumed a lot of drugs. A different tell-all notes that Diana Ross was not exactly popular with her support staff. Comic Jim Norton makes fun of tollbooth collectors in his new book. Director Wes Craven talks about killing people in his new book. Kelly Osborne moved in with her Brooklyn-based indie-rocker boyfriend of two months. Howard Stern is the inspiration for a character in a new movie, and he’s not thrilled. Robin Williams called the Paris Hilton interview with Larry King one of the “greatest moments in journalism.” Allegra Versace had her 21st-birthday party at the Chateau Marmont. Barbara Bush hung out with the son of Ronald Reagan’s onetime press secretary, Chris Brady, at Arena till 5 a.m.