‘B’ Battle Brews in Brooklyn


Photo: Everett Bogue (market); BrooklynBrewery.com (beer)

When the C-Town supermarket in Williamsburg wanted to freshen its look in an effort “to appeal to a neighborhood that is now more hip,” as manager Jose Cruz says, it rechristened itself Billy’s Marketplace and slapped on a high-design, retro-y logo. One little problem: The new logo looks suspiciously like Brooklyn Brewery’s insignia. “You would think they would understand you can’t just take someone’s logo,” said brewery president Steve Hindy, who points out that his version was created by legendary New York designer — and legendary New York designer — Milton Glaser. “It evokes the history of baseball in Brooklyn as well represents the new Brooklyn and the future,” Hindy said. A few weeks ago, the brewery sent a letter to Billy’s asking them to change their logo, but market manager Cruz doesn’t see what the big deal is. “They have a ‘B’ inside a circle, and we have a ‘B’ inside a square,” he explained. “Our ‘B’ is more of a typical old English ‘B.’ They’re different types of Bs. They’re not the same, aside from both having a B.” Um, yeah. —Shana Liebman