Behold the Power of Crumbling Infrastructure


• Families of 9/11 victims are upset — are the families of 9/11 victims ever not upset? — because the city plans to commemorate the attacks’ sixth anniversary in the small Zuccotti park. Instead of, you know, in the middle of a giant construction site. [amNY]

• As a part of the insanely byzantine deal struck between Governor Spitzer and his pals in the state legislature, New York State’s campaign-finance laws get an overhaul; donation limits are dropped, soft money stemmed, and PAC contributions capped at almost half the former number. [NYT]
• The MTA, in what’s become a kabuki-like ritual, is planning to introduce a 2008 fare hike tomorrow. Can we skip the part where we have to talk about it for three months and go straight to when it gets rejected? [NYDN]
• There’s a juicy game-fixing scandal afoot at the NBA — a referee is accused of betting on the games he officiated — except the Post’s “exclusive” won’t name the team or the referee. (An MSG photo next to the story is cleverly captioned “This game may have been clean”). [NYP]
• Inevitably, someone has unearthed a video of the exact moment of the midtown steam-pipe blast. Behold the awesome power of, um, crumbling infrastructure. [ABC News]