Bruno’s Turn


• With the Spitzer camp circling the wagons, it’s Joe Bruno’s hour, and he’s taking full advantage of it: The State Senate leader called for multiple investigations into the administration, vowing, “This is not going to go away.” [NYP]

• The police say the body they found over the weekend floating off the Jersey coast is likely the vanished rising-star artist Jeremy Blake, who’s been missing for nine days. Blake’s personal items were uncovered on a beach four miles away. [WNBC]
• Giuliani still inexplicably leads his GOP opponents by 10 percent in the polls, but his lead is declining even faster than McCain’s: He’s lost 8 percent since January. [amNY]
• Meanwhile, spry non-candidate Michael Bloomberg is in St. Louis, urging leaders to clone his education program and winning midwestern hearts and minds in the bargain. Maybe he’s running for mayor of St. Louis? [NYT]
• And an MTA board member floated a novel suggestion to stave off a subway fare hike: sell Disney the naming rights to the Times Square station. Might as well; they seem to own the rest of Times Square already. [NYDN]