Can’t We Just Blame Everyone?


• With Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan dead, the finger-pointing begins in earnest. Mayor Mike decries Albany’s lack of “guts” while state officials accuse the mayor of springing a fully formed proposal on them at the last possible moment. [NYT]

• New York State is suing Exxon over the 17-million-gallon Brooklyn oil spill currently poisoning the ground under a chunk of Greenpoint. It only took 29 years. [Reuters]
• Guess who’s out of jail? Richard Smith, the former Staten Island ferry captain who crashed his boat in 2003 after losing consciousness at the helm. He has served fifteen months for killing 11 and injuring 165. [NYDN]
• The MTA, citing a lull in civic vigilance, will throw another $3 million at its “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign. As opposed to, say, hiring more cops. [Metro NY]
• And with the grade-fixing and degree-selling scandal widening, the Post quotes Touro College students fretting “if their diplomas might become worthless.” Ooh, easy joke there. [NYP]