This Movie Is Innnsaaane!

Danny DeVito is trying to make a movie about Crazy Eddie. One of Lindsay Lohan’s MySpace friends sold online correspondence between Lohan and Samantha Ronson to Star magazine. Philip Roth complained about showing up in “Page Six.” Jane staffers stole a lot of stuff from the fashion closet after learning the mag was folding. Former Jets QB Boomer Esiason may replace Don Imus as WFAN’s early-morning D.J. Gore Vidal is annoyed that Los Angeles Department of Water and Power tore out his solar-power system. Congressman Charlie Rangel is offering $1,000 to anyone who can prove he went on a “date.” Today show contributor Amy Jacobson was fired from her Chicago post after being caught on tape in a bikini at the house of a woman whose disappearance she was covering. Gisele and Tom Brady PDA’d at Palma on Cornelia Street. 50 Cent canoodled with Ciara.

Josh Duhamel installed a stripper pole in his home for girlfriend Fergie to use. David Hasselhoff flirted with actress Sallie Toussaint at a party at the Playboy Mansion on July 4. Cameron Diaz has dropped Chris Angel for British environmentalist David de Rothschild. Tori Spelling was ordained online and then performed a gay wedding. Blue Star Jets CEO Todd Rome separated from his wife because she spent too much of his money. Usher and stylist-fiancée Tameka Foster will be married this summer. Busta Rhymes likes to fry up an egg sandwich in the nude after sex. Former Lindsay Lohan paramour Harry Morton opened a Pink Taco Mexican eatery in Century City.