Diddy Dissed

Diddy’s longtime girlfriend Kim Porter has finally moved out (and on). Henry Kissinger is bummed he isn’t portrayed in Frost/Nixon. Chris Tucker impersonates Bill Clinton, and the former president can’t get enough. At Bergdorf Goodman last week, Beyoncé was barefoot and Katherine Heigl was hot. André Balasz has taken over the Chelsea Hotel and is setting his sights on the Pacific. White House in Hampton Bays paid Diddy $200,000 to host his Independence Day Party there. Ashlee Simpson might be at the Blackbook party in the Hamptons tomorrow. Gwyneth Paltrow, who’s on crutches, blames running into furniture for her injury; Helen Hunt, also on crutches, won’t say why.

Laura Prepon and Chris Masterson are back together. Dori Cooperman is still trying to befriend Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears says she beat a car with an umbrella in February to prepare for a role. Paris Hilton is sleeping at Stavros Niarchos’s Hawaii house but pretending to stay at the Four Seasons. Kevin Spacey likes fruity beer. (Ahem.) Buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck vacationed with their families in Hawaii but spent most of the trip working on their next screenplay. Jennifer Aniston brushes her teeth in the shower. Julia Roberts, Michael Jackson, and Oprah might follow Dick Cheney to St. Michael’s, Maryland. Pamela Anderson doesn’t think Hepatitis C is funny.