Enquiring Minds Want Cash

The wife and son of deceased National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope Jr. are suing each other for the remainder of his $418 million fortune. Barbaro was the focus groups’ choice for August’s Vanity Fair cover, but Graydon Carter nixed him for Shia LaBeouf. CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo will soon have her own show titled Money Honey. The Giulianis like golf, bargains, The Tudors. Chris Noth tried to poach talent for his club from Hawaiian Tropic Zone but failed. Tinsley Mortimer and Lydia Hearst are attending a dinner thrown by Pete Wentz in the Hamptons. Jon Anderson of Yes canceled a benefit show for a bunch of kids because his spiritual adviser told him to.

A.J. from The Sopranos and Bill O’Reilly were among those who watched Fourth of July festivities from the Forbes yacht. Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t worry about getting aroused during his naked stage kiss. Dennis Hopper is planning to travel across Russia on motorcycles with Jeremy Irons. Karl Lagerfeld and Fergie are now best friends. Prince Harry still wants to fight in Iraq, and British military officials are trying to get him there without the press finding out. A critic called Kevin Smith’s turn in the new Die Hard that of an “indie-cred Muppet,” but Smith found it funny. Peter Cook bought sheets and towels at Kmart. Mariah Carey just finished work on the sequel to Glitter. Madonna bought a $12 million building next door to her $14 million townhouse in London.