Foliage Filcher Attacks Ditmas Park



Someone is stealing the potted plants in Ditmas Park. Anger is blooming in the leafy Brooklyn neighborhood of million-dollar Victorians over eyewitness accounts of a thirtysomething black woman in a pink dress plucking ferns, philodendrons, and a cactus from yards and porches then making off with them on her bike. “We have a private paid patrol” in the neighborhood, says Gary Sucher, a resident who claims he’s had about $150 of vegetation stolen, “and I’ve alerted them to be on the lookout for suspicious activity in terms of someone carrying a bunch of plants.” Locals say the thief is still at large and speculate she’s fencing the hot greens to area plant vendors. But Mary Kay Gallagher, a local real-estate agent, has figured out the solution, should the plant-poacher be caught. “Send her into Manhattan,” she said. “They have plants there, but they’re harder to get at.” —Tim Murphy