Gay Slur at the ‘Times’!

The top photo editor at the New York Times allegedly called a co-worker a faggot during an office party, and now she may lose her job. Jane Pratt showed up for a Playboy Bunny audition; she was told her tan wasn’t good enough. Campbell Brown is leaving NBC for CNN. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony pride themselves on being “normal.” Hustler may publish the names of 30 politicians who frequented the D.C. madam. Natalie Portman wants you to know she does not get naked during Goya’s Ghost. Shakira wants her fiancé to sign a prenup. Calum Best played strip truth-or-dare with a “gorgeous, straight, black male” while Lindsay Lohan was in another room.

Bankrupt Screw-magazine founder Al Goldstein owes his estranged wife’s family money. Peter Cook was out chasing girls at a Hamptons nightclub at 3 a.m. Education secretary Margaret Spellings turned down Karl Rove for a date in the eighties. Björk owns a black yacht. Lauren Conrad broke Brody Jenner’s finger during a game of tackle football. The lady from Last Tango in Paris no longer cooks with butter. Jailed Hollywood P.I. Anthony Pellicano would play clients off one another to obtain information. Ron Jeremy shot an anti-porn PSA. A socialite is having an affair with a married artist.