Judi Giuliani, Puppy Killer?

Vanity Fair’s forthcoming takedown of Judi Giuliani paints her as “opportunistic, puppy-killing homewrecker.” ABC News employees were reminded not to surf for porn on company time after it was discovered that an intern had nude photos online. Married cosmetics heir William Lauder may be the illegitimate father of a child with nightlife honcho Howard Stein’s daughter. Mets pitchers John Maine and Aaron Heilman partied at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone. New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane might not technically be married to the mother of his two children, journalist Allison Pearson. Penélope Cruz and Bono were spotted holding hands in St. Tropez. Star Jones claims women on TV get a raw financial deal. Rachael Ray and Ron Jeremy were in Saratoga for the opening of the racetrack.

Some people are upset that New York Times tech columnist David Pogue has written numerous laudatory articles about the iPhone when he also has a book coming out about it. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony gave Ron Burkle a shout-out at the premiere of their movie. Courtney Love wants to get plastic surgery on her mouth so she can look like she did before she got plastic surgery on her mouth. Jake Gyllenhaal might play Broadway Joe Namath onscreen. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren split because she wanted to get married and he didn’t. Feminist writer Germaine Greer fancies Princess Diana a devious simpleton who may have inadvertently caused her own death. Wrestling great Chris Jericho had an embarrassingly short first sexual experience. Cindy Adams is the unlikely pen pal of jailed dictator Manuel Noriega, whom she claims wants be returned to Panama when he is released from prison.