Little Britain: We'll Close Our Eyes and Think of Cake


Oh, thank God. Turns out our little conversation with the Little Britain people didn't end yesterday afternoon, as we feared it would. Not at all. They still like us, they assured us last night. They really still like us! And now they're offering us cake:


Sent: Wed, July 18, 2007 8:26:25 PM

To: intel

Subject: Tally-ho!


You know we love you.

You'd definitely have a point if all the business on the block hadn't signed individual letters of support, if we hadn't collected over 1,000 signatures in person in the stores, if we hadn't received over 90 letters of thanks from community groups we've supported over the last year, if a fine, upstanding pillar of the community hadn't spoken in support at the Community Board 2 meeting. But they all did.

And you know why? Because it will be of benefit to all the little businesses on the block and it'll help it from becoming another Bleecker Street chain-store mall. What's more, there isn't anywhere else in the city that so exuberantly represents Britain.

It's just two words on one street sign, a co-name; in the grand scheme of things it's pretty harmless. Anyway, lovely slab o' Victoria Sponge cake waiting for you in the shop.



We still don't like the idea, of course. But we do like cake. We may be prepared to give up.

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