Mr. Ethics, Meet the Ethics Board


• The newest chapter in the fast-developing Spitzer scandal: The State Ethics Commission, which definitely has subpoena power, has joined the State Senate in requesting the documents from the Bruno investigation. Not looking good. [amNY]

• In the meantime, Albany approved, and Spitzer found time to sign, the congestion-pricing bill that creates a seventeen-member commission to weigh the initiative against other solutions. Bruno voted for it. [NYT]
• New Jersey is quickly becoming a state in need of a superhero. Days after the arrest of the “Mad Hatter” bank robber, the “Fondling Gunmen” struck again (their M.O. appears to be rob banks and molest female tellers). [WNBC]
• A midtown dentist is suing Con Ed for $25 million — five mil because that’s how much he would have made off his “celebrity patients” if not for the steam-pipe explosion, and another twenty because, you know, he’s upset. [NYDN]
• And more manmade disasters: Residents of seventeen apartments next to a condo-construction site at 808 Columbus Avenue will have to be put up in hotels after Wednesday’s retaining-wall collapse and two subsequent evacuations. Developers better hope there are no dentists among them. [NYP]