‘NYO’: Hamptons Running Low on Celebrities!

There’s a celebrity shortage — or simply a party surfeit — in the Hamptons this year, and the clubs are duking it out for boldface guests. Today’s Observer quotes club owners gleefully smearing each other with intimations of the ultimate scene-faking cheesiness — paying celebrities to put in an appearance. Mike Satsky of Southampton’s Stereo by the Shore narcs on Star Room and Pink Elephant, “the big payers this year.” According to him, Pink Elephant shelled out about $10,000 for the privilege of hosting Rachel Hunter (yes, the wilting ex-Mrs. Rod Stewart). Another source says it paid the same price for Lil Jon, who frankly seems like a better investment. Star Room’s Charles Ferri strikes right back: “The Stereo guys are notorious for paying people.” Of course, there’s only a technical difference between an out-and-out bribe and the star treatment that Satsky readily cops to: If you’re a Pete Wentz or a Mandy Moore, Stereo springs for transportation, free tables, booze, and, best of all, housing (at Satsky’s own pad). Um, hey, Mike, Daily Intel’s kinda famous! Oh, never mind.

Hamptons Heat Up! Cash-Addled Club Owners Claw for Celebrity Customers [NYO]