Privileged Spitzer


• While A.G. Andrew Cuomo was investigating him, Eliot Spitzer gagged two aides by quickly designating them “special counsels” — which bestowed lawyer-client privilege on their internal chats. Clever, and ever so slightly nauseating. [NYP]

• If Mayor Bloomberg is serious about running for president — or even serious about pretending he’s running — expect a rehash of his sexual-harassment suit, settled in 2000. An anonymous party is leaking “new details” already. [amNY]
• Chuck Schumer broke with the party line and earned the gratitude of people who can probably buy their own party, when he bravely threw himself at the defense of hedge-funders; a new Dem plan would tax their pay as, well, pay and not as capital gains. [NYT]
• The Mets are getting an early lead in the city’s real Subway Series — the race to finish two new ballparks: Citi Field’s concrete shell is already mostly in place. [NYS]
• And Rupert is getting impatient! Murdoch wants an answer from the Bancrofts by 5 p.m. today, or his $5 billion offer for Dow Jones is off the table. And the Bancrofts, meantime, still don’t know what the hell they want. [NYDN]