Regan Outfoxes News Corp.?

Judith Regan has secret tapes that may help her $20 million lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch. The Land Rovers and helicopters used to launch a new Ralph Lauren cologne may have disturbed a community of East Hampton piping plovers. Cindy Adams, who has a vendetta against Larry David because he dissed her once, claims that Laurie had been stepping out on him for quite some time (and that he’s being set up with Ellen Barkin). Olivia Newton-John really liked Xanadu. OK! dropped $400,000 on sex pics of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, but the mag won’t publish them. Claire Danes may have landed the lead in the Pygmalion revival because the director directed her boyfriend in Journey’s End. Annie Leibovitz angered the Queen of England by asking her to remove her crown during a photo shoot.

Barbara Corcoran had Daniel Radcliffe autograph her pink jacket. Kevin Spacey was either dancing by himself at Home, or else he was at Vassar. In the past two weeks, Britney Spears has served legal papers to her mom, has stopped talking to cousin and travel partner Alli, has received three visits from Children’s Protective Service in L.A., and has had a single be delayed. Oh, and Kevin Federline still won’t sign the divorce papers. Joan Rivers threw a surprise party at Michael’s for Today show producer Amy Rosenblum. Ian Ziering is angling for the Price Is Right job. Jessica Simpson is going through boot camp. Kelly Clarkson called BMG honcho Clive Davis a liar and too old to “get” her album. Shia LeBeouf was doing X-rated stand-up in L.A. at the age of 10. Prince Charles leered at a female soldier. Charlie Sheen met his fiancée at Brett Ratner’s house.