Ron Perelman Is Making Up for Lost Time

Ron Perelman wasn’t the ladies’ man he is now when he was in high school. Harold Ford Jr. wants to be governor of Tennessee. Lindsay Lohan turned 21 yesterday, looking healthy and acting rather adultlike. Jackie O. didn’t like it when Caroline gained weight. Anna Wintour’s stylist is working weekends at a salon in Bridgehampton. Zach Braff and Drew Barrymore made out at Beauty Bar. Mice, dead and alive, are wreaking havoc at the new New York Times building. Padma Lakshmi is finally divorcing Salman Rushdie, and a billionaire or an unidentified chef may be to blame. Europe is the new Hamptons for celebrity Fourth of July celebrations.

Prince wants to move to Europe after his string of $5 million concerts is done at the Hollywood Roosevelt in L.A. Director Danny Boyle is not a fan of director Eli Roth. Chris Evans threw a 26th-birthday party at a West Hollywood gay club, and a lot of girls tried to make out with him. Kathy Hilton used her daughter’s fame to launch a line of spa products in Hawaii. Nick Lachey doesn’t think the racy pics of him and girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo on vacation in Mexico are a big deal. Tommy Lee and Kimberly Stewart are now dating. Tony Bennett neglected to invite his daughter to his wedding, which she did not appreciate. Roberto Cavalli used the line “I am Roberto Cavalli” to procure an iPhone, though it still took him 30 minutes of pleading. The only female star to ever gross $200 million at the box office is … Nia Vardalos.