Si to Shutter ‘Teen Vogue’?

Teen Vogue may be the next Condé Nast magazine to fold. Some 370 girls auditioned to be Rockettes recently; two were hired. Reggie Jackson took issue with the scene in The Bronx Is Burning in which he loses his temper. Usher and Tameka Foster may be married in the Hamptons this week. Kelly Clarkson apologized to Clive Davis after realizing that her album was as bad as he claimed it was. Diddy wrote a song and shot a video about ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. A 9-year-old girl cried after being rebuffed for an autograph by Hilary Duff. Flava Flav got the celebrity-roast treatment. Elle is throwing a party for August cover girl Sarah Jessica Parker in the Hamptons. John Legend shopped for BBQ fixings at the Houston Street Whole Foods.

A bunch of Greek shipping families are banding together to ensure their sons don’t marry Paris Hilton. Michael Strahan is dating Eddie Murphy’s ex, Nicole, who is still getting money from Eddie. John Travolta sued an airport that won’t allow him to land his plane there because it’s too heavy. Football legend Marcus Allen is aggressively pursuing a Penthouse Pet, though he claims it’s the other way around. Kim Kardashian did a shoot for Playboy. Tom Cruise may be looking to buy the only movie theater in Telluride because he wants to go to the movies alone. Scientology head David Miscavige acted like a creep at the “Welcome to L.A.” party thrown for the Beckhams at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Cablevision head Jim Dolan is going on a twelve-city tour with his blues band, including a stop at the Beacon Theater (which he owns). Paul Sevigny went skinny-dipping with Sean Stewart in the Bahamas.