Stalled Traffic


• After all that, Albany shelved Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing idea, letting the federal-funding deadline pass without the issue even coming to a vote. Expect a new traffic-reducing proposal, nothing like Bloomberg’s, later in the year. [NYT]

• Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: There’s a report that News Corp. has reached an agreement with the Bancrofts to buy Dow Jones. One reason this one might be true is that this time the news was broken by the Journal. [WSJ]
• Dennis Gallagher, the Queens councilman up on assault charges for forcing himself on a woman in his district office, will not testify before the grand jury. Why? “It’s not a good tactic,” said his lawyer. Wow — honesty, of sorts. [NYDN]
• Who wouldn’t risk money and reputation for a diploma from, um, Touro College? Two of the school’s administrators are accused of changing F’s to A’s for cash (in hundreds of cases) and awarding fake diplomas for more cash (in at least four cases). [NYP]
• And Joe DiMaggio’s diaries are for sale, and everyone wants to know if there’s any quotable — or, better yet, unquotable — stuff about Marilyn Monroe. No such luck; the guarded Yank was more prone to jotting down stuff like “Had to buy a new shirt.” The bidding begins at $1.5 million. [amNY]