Guv Love?

The “tall and attractive” 25-year-old aide whom Jon Corzine may have been sitting next to at the time of his car crash was reassigned last month because she and the governor were allegedly getting too close. Larry and Laurie David may have split because Laurie had an affair with a married man on Martha’s Vineyard. Some Columbia Records staffers are worried that producer Rick Rubin has been named co-head of the label, given that he has no executive experience. Richie Sambora dumped Denise Richards during a Hawaii vacation a few months ago; she’d been expecting him to propose. Michael Jackson placed a number of odd, ill-timed room-service orders at an inn in Maryland, but he did bless the manager. Oliver Platt is an ardent supporter of the business tactics of George Steinbrenner, whom he plays in The Bronx Is Burning. Lindsay Lohan is dropping booze for bottled water.

Former In Style accessories editor Alice Kim allegedly sold swag to fund a boutique she’s opening in Omaha, where she may or may not be living with Sideways director Alexander Payne. Paul Rudd has gotten the chance to make out with Jessica Alba and Michelle Pfeiffer for upcoming movies. Ralph Lauren wanted to be an actor before he wanted to be a designer. Ivanka Trump is being talked about as a potential Rosie replacement on The View, though Barbara Walters may not be so keen on hiring a Trump after her feud with Donald. British female theatergoers audibly voiced their appreciation for Dirty Dancing star Josef Brown’s ripped torso. Missy Elliot and Keyshia Cole got their drink on before an 11 a.m. music-video shoot. Warren Beatty may have attempted to get Paris Hilton to stump for Hillary Clinton. Rachael Ray’s marriage may be on the rocks, though her publicist says it’s not. Betsey Johnson likes BLT Fish. Victoria Beckham forced reporters to sign a contract saying that they’d only interview her about her upcoming reality show. The three latest additions to the New York Knicks ate at the Waverly Inn with Isiah Thomas.