‘Times’ Gays Get Their Masthead Meeting

The Times gays — the increasingly angry Times gays — get results. Background: As “Page Six” reported this morning, at last month’s farewell–to–43rd Street party at the old Times building, photo director Michele McNally — a masthead-level editor, which makes her a big shot — may or may not have called one of her subordinates, who may or may not have been a freelancer, a faggot, or maybe just a fag. The paper’s gay caucus got itself in a tizzy, an investigation was launched, McNally retained her job, and the Times spokesman told “Page Six,” “I can tell you the matter is closed.” Gawker subsequently reported that the investigation resulted in a letter going into McNally’s file, nothing more. Which, the gossip site said, the gays found insufficient; one circulated an angry e-mail. Now: Progress!

A Times source tells us that assistant managing editor Bill Schmidt, who’s in charge of newsroom administration, will hold an open meeting with the gay caucus tomorrow at 2:30. Steve Reed, the head of the gay caucus, e-mailed members to announce the meeting and that Schmidt will “be unable to discuss in detail the specific case we’ve been talking about, because it’s a personnel matter. But he can address the newsroom’s handling of harassment complains, and he can hear our concerns.” Oh, good: an encounter session; we know how well those work out for the Times. We hope he brings the moose.

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