Traffic Jam


• The Feds are insistent on their Monday deadline for approval of Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan, the mayor says, and Shelly Silver’s Assembly doesn’t even have plans to reconvene to discuss it. Poor Mike. [NYT]

• Dennis Gallagher, a Republican city councilman from Queens, is in trouble: A woman says he picked her up at Danny Boy’s, a local bar, and sexually assaulted her in “a separate, smaller office” above his storefront HQ. Even if no crime took place, it’s all just very, very sad. [NYP]
• Busta Rhymes, on trial for four different offenses — DUI, driving without a license, and two skirmishes — has rejected a plea deal and will now go through four separate trials. Rhymes’s very busy legal season will begin in September. [Metro NY]
• One full year after Dr. Nicholas Bartha blew up his townhouse and himself, at least ten people are still suing his estate for damages — including a Daily News then-intern who was scarred by flying glass. [NYDN]
• The most amazing line in this public-service AM New York item about Sophia, a lost pet macaw ($5,000 reward, people!) comes at the end: The owner says Sophia “has no idea that she’s a bird.” So if you see her, for God’s sake, don’t tell her. [amNY]