What Can Brown Do for You?


• Try following this: Spitzer’s office said no to a Republican proposal to grant Andrew Cuomo special-prosecutor powers so that Cuomo could better stick it to Spitzer. Yeah. [NYDN]

• The 9/11 families are threatening to boycott the ceremony commemorating the attacks’ sixth anniversary if it isn’t held in the middle of an active construction site. Bloomberg’s consolation attempt: Hey, the plaza across the street was also the site of “pain and suffering.” [Metro NY]
• This isn’t the worst of the bad old days, but it’s close. In Brooklyn last night, ten people were shot in five separate incidents within six hours. [WNBC]
• The city is giving away nursing pads, mini-coolers, and baby T-shirts that say “I eat at mom’s” to promote breast-feeding. The “nanny state” jokes make themselves. [NYP]
• And good news if you’re a gay New Jersey UPS worker. The company, under personal pressure from Governor Corzine, agreed to offer health benefits to same-sex couples in the state. [NYT]