Will Little West 12th Go a Little British?

Bedford-Stuyvesant: The local little league team will play on the White House lawn July 15 as part of a Jackie Robinson tribute. [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Bushwick: When you move into this hood, the so-called welcome wagon is a napkin full of trash dumped at your door. [BushwickBK]
Long Island City: Nespresso, a division of Nestle, will move its HQ into Court Square Place, the new blue glass building near the Citibank Tower. But … will they move in Quik? [OuterB]
Lower East Side: It’ll get very fancy on old Delancey indeed when H&M opens its latest branch there, which is today’s hot retail rumor. [Curbed]
South Slope: Snarks are saying that this new building on Fourth and Baltic is so ugly they yearn for the gas station that used to be here. Ouch, mama! [Gowanus Lounge]
West Village: At least one British expat thinks it’s disingenuous that a “grassroots” campaign to rename part of the hood “Little Britain” is being backed by corporate giant Virgin Atlantic. [Englishman in New York]