Will Silver Make Bloomberg’s Traffic Dream Come True? He Just Might, Says Spokesman


Bruno and Silver made Bloomberg smile at least once before, in May 2003.Photo: AP

This week’s consensus has been that Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan is doomed because the legislature won’t act in time to get the federal money, and that the legislature won’t act in time because Shelly Silver isn’t interested in playing ball. But are things changing? Today’s Daily News reports that Silver late yesterday talked with both Governor Spitzer and State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, both congestion-pricing proponents, about the plan (separately, of course). And this morning we had an interesting conversation with Silver’s spokesman. “To say he’s willing to let this expire would not be an accurate thing to say,” press secretary Dan Weiller told us. Oh, really? Hmm. —Alec Appelbaum

Shelly Un-Congests Snag [NYDN]
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