• Juror Bloomberg is back at his day job — and he’s brokered a deal with Albany that will require more developers in more neighborhoods to include low-income housing in their projects. Spitzer’s likely to sign. [NYT]

• Both the Post and the News draw giant asterisks next to their Barry Bonds headlines (the Post throws in syringes for good measure); the man is the new home-run king with 756 under his belt, but steroids and a Fed indictment on perjury kill the mood. [NYDN]
• A fast break in the case of the NYU professors’ daughter found dead days ago: Her boyfriend has implicated himself in her murder after trying, and failing, to commit suicide yesterday. [amNY]
• Here’s the next step in the annual MTA fare-hike dance. City Comptroller William Thompson says there’s no need to futz with fares until 2010, but the state needs to cough up more funds. Albany, your turn. [NYP]
• And remember that steam-pipe explosion in midtown? Con Ed still has no clue why it happened. Comforting. [IHT]