Death at NYU


• The daughter of two prominent NYU professors was discovered dead in a university-owned apartment in Washington Square Village. If it’s a homicide, expect it on Law & Order when the new season starts. [amNY]

• A federal judge has ordered the city to release 2,000 pages of field reports from 2004 detailing the NYPD’s undercover surveillance of political activists before the Republican Convention. The agents’ names will be redacted for fear of vigilantism. [NYT]
• Joe Bruno is outraged that Spitzer reassigned or suspended his top aides instead of outright firing them, because otherwise they’d finger the governor. Wait, so the logic is that the fall guys have not fallen hard enough? [NYDN]
• With conflicts of interest galore, Mayor Bloomberg didn’t make the cut on his day of jury duty; interestingly enough, the case, Tessitore v. Harris, was about corporate responsibility in an asbestos-related death. [NYP]
• And what looks to be the last-ever FDNY calendar premiered yesterday; the department pulled the plug on the entire venture after 2008’s cover boy turned out to be a Guys Gone Wild vet. [7Online]