Albany Drama Amps Up As GOP Aide Lashes Out at Spitzer Family

Oh, yes. Just when the hullabaloo over Eliot Spitzer's "Dirty Tricks" scandal was finally dying down a bit, an aide to his foe Joe Bruno has allegedly gone bonkers. Roger Stone, a prominent GOP consultant, is accused of having left a ranting voice mail on the answering machine of Spitzer's father, Bernard. Drudging up an old issue over controversial loans the elder Spitzer made to his son, Stone is said to have raged, "You will be subpoenaed to testify before the Senate committee on investigations … and there's not a goddamn thing your phony, psycho, piece-of-shit son can do about it!"

The phone call was traced back to the home of Stone, who is currently working for Senate Majority Leader Bruno as a consultant to the State Senate Republican Campaign Committee. As if that weren't juicy enough drama, Stone tries to turn the whole thing around on Spitzer. "Give me a fucking break. This is the ultimate dirty trick and the kind of terror tactic Spitzer used in the Attorney General's Office," Stone told the Post. "I live in a building controlled by Dale Hemmerdinger, who Spitzer has nominated to head the Metropolitan Transportation Authority," he added. "They have complete, unfettered access to my apartment … fabricating my voice would be easy." Wait, what? Now we're dealing with breaking-and-entering, a frame-up, and excessive use of foul language? And we thought there would be nothing to keep us occupied until Desperate Housewives started again.


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