Amy Sacco Wears Boy Shorts

The brains behind MMK Brands Intimate Apparel clearly knew what the phrase "Bungalow 8 Underwear Party" would conjure up. George Clooney clad only in boxers? Paris Hilton in panties (for a change)? But at last night's fête for the company, undie-shaped cookies were as racy as it got. "This is my first underwear party," admitted designer Rebecca Minkoff. “I’ve been to a pajama party, but it was all women so you could only have so much fun.” Guests quickly emptied the vases brimming with “Passport Panties” — individually wrapped candy-colored bikinis and thongs that ickily included a cleansing wipe as a Cracker Jack prize. Co-host and club queen Amy Sacco, having just returned from partying with Diddy and attending the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas, told us: “These packets are going in my Walk of Shame Prevention kits,” she said. And what kind of underpinnings does Sacco prefer? “I wear a lot of black thongs or boy shorts, but every once in a while, I love a naughty red pair.” There’s no shame in that. —Nick Burns