Brooklyn Cyclone, Confirmed


• Bay Ridge is cleaning up after, well, a tornado. There’s even a Red Cross shelter set up, with about 30 families in it; more than twenty homes are deemed uninhabitable. [amNY]

• In yesterday’s wet wake, the ease with which this city falls apart under a few inches of rain has finally become a major issue; the MTA has 30 days to come up with a fix. [NYT]
• Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney called Giuliani-era New York City a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. Apparently, this kind of thing plays well in Iowa, where Mitt now leads. [ABC]
A.G. Andrew Cuomo’s new crusade is against those third-party outfits that sell door-to-door subscriptions to magazines like Rolling Stone and GQ by practically enslaving young men and women who work for them. [NYDN]
• And remember that new Arab school in Brooklyn that got run out of Park Slope? Well, it hasn’t even opened yet in its new digs, but its principal is accused of propagating cheeky “Intifada NYC” T-shirts. How dare she?! (And where do we get one?) [NYP]