Divorces, Horses, and So On

Paula Zahn’s friends say she wanted to stay in the Fifth Avenue apartment she shares with soon-to-be ex-husband Richard Cohen for the sake of their kids, but he made it too difficult. Lou Dobbs’s daughter Hillary won the Open Jumper Class (and $7,500) at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. (Soon-to-be-mom Kelly Klein also rode there.) Heather Mills has racked up a number of parking tickets in her Bentley convertible in East Hampton. NYU’s school newspaper went out of its way to point out that people use the campus library to commit suicide and hook up on Craigslist. Larry David doesn’t like fund-raisers on yachts in Martha’s Vineyard. Courtney Love is blaming ex-boyfriend Steve Coogan for Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide, and now Coogan is worried about his career prospects. The New York Times has a clear anti-Yankees bias, “Page Six” says.

Cat burglars stole more than $400,000 in jewels, watches, and cash from a room in Hotel Byblos in St. Tropez. Though John Edwards has urged Americans to give up gas-guzzlers, he reportedly owns an SUV and a small truck. NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon did doughnuts in the parking lot of an L.A. club with Rhianna. Best-selling author Harold Robbins used to host orgies at his Beverly Hills mansion in the sixties and seventies. Julianne Moore, Gael García Bernal, and Mark Ruffalo prepared for playing blind folks in an upcoming movie by eating a meal together blindfolded. When he was 13, John Travolta picked up a bully and threw him to the ground, though after that they were friends. A tattoo artist from Miami Ink is annoyed that an ex-employee now has a tattoo show. Patton Oswalt only wants to be on reality TV if he can kill someone or commit suicide.