Britney, Lindsay, Paris, You’re Fired!

Donald Trump is trying to get Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton to appear on his upcoming Celebrity Apprentice. Justin Timberlake hung out with a brunette at the Tribeca Grand. (Others say he hung out with six girls.) NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman is catching flack for not returning agents’ phone calls and for passing out fake NBC tattoos at a company retreat, but he doesn’t care about either. New York Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch put up his Fifth Avenue bachelor pad for sale and will be renting a $75,000-a-month condo at Trump Park Avenue. Authorities are cracking down on the St. Tropez party scene and have recently broken up a cocaine and prostitution ring.

Lindsay Lohan’s film prospects aren’t great, but she might be headed back to the recording studio to start work on her third album. Jason Davis, like brother Brandon, may have been financially cut off by his family. Amy Winehouse is at a $20,000-a-week rehab at the U.K.’s Osea Island, which includes recording-studio access. James Brown’s agent is taking a trustee of this singer’s estate to court for allegedly stealing $350,000 of his money. New William Morris agent Ed Limato isn’t rehiring his agents from ICM, although two of them were with him for at least three years. Sam Rockwell pinched Justin Long’s nipples at a party. Stan Lee is planning to make an animated superhero TV show that stars Paris Hilton. Christina Aguilera still won’t publicly admit that she’s pregnant.