Eliot Spitzer Has Reached Acceptance


• The Albany County D.A., P. David Soares, announced yesterday that he will review Cuomo’s findings regarding use of state police by the governor’s office. Spitzer, sounding more Zen by the minute: “I welcome it, I accept it.” [amNY]

• Queens city councilman Dennis Gallagher told a grand jury to call him an adulterer and not a rapist; he left a 52-year-old woman injured after a tryst in his district office. [NYDN]
• 9/11 families filed for a permit to hold their own ceremony for the attacks’ sixth anniversary after the city balked at their request to halt construction at ground zero for the day to hold the official ceremony on the site. Because nothing says dignified grief like two competing ceremonies. [Metro NY]
• Over at the Times, Michael Grynbaum’s five-week stakeout of Mayor Bloomberg’s commuting habits yields a second article in two days — and a new shocker. Ed Koch exaggerated his mass-transit use, too! This thing goes all the way to the, um, past. [NYT]
• And, the Post lede of the day: “Infamous triple-amputee Michael Wiley, who has led Florida police on high speed [chases] more than a dozen times, is throwing his hands up in surrender. Well, not literally.” [NYP]