Fall in to the Gap


• The New York region has the nation’s widest gap between rich and poor, new Census figures show, with the richest fifth of Manhattanites earning $351,333 a year to the poorest fifth’s $8,855. We expect the revolution imminently. [NYT]

• Newly surfaced e-mails suggest that Troopergate is not the first time Guv Spitzer’s folks conspired to taint a Republican foe. Turns out they also planted negative news stories about Maureen O’Connell, the Republican state senator who went on to lose that special election on Long Island. [NYDN]
• It seems former state comptroller Alan Hevesi’s problems are growing: His top political consultant is affiliated with several companies that got a chunk of Hevesi’s pension-fund fees — and use the addresses of the consultant’s Hamptons and Virgin Island homes. [NYP]
• In Washington to deliver a speech on fighting poverty, Mayor Bloomberg assured listeners that he was not seeking national office — he doesn’t want to be attorney general, that is. Clever, you! [NYS]
• And Leona Helmsley’s will is public. Not entirely surprisingly, she left millions for her dog but stiffed two of her grandkids. [amNY]