Oh, Poor Fashion Week

Fewer Hollywood stars than usual are expected at Fashion Week when it starts September 5, because the Emmys and the MTV Video Music Awards are the same week. Dan Rather was confused by the “Thriller” dance stunt performed by Katie Couric’s staff last week, though he thinks her job is safe. Arianna Huffington may be dating Newark mayor Cory Booker. Cuba Gooding Jr., who is married with three kids, recently made out with five girls in one night at Tenjune. Jeremy Piven got into a heated argument with his mother at Nobu Malibu, though it’s unclear about what. Gwyneth Paltrow has been trekking around Spain with Mario Batali for a PBS cooking show (and hubby Chris Martin almost didn’t get into the premiere of her brother’s new movie). Cameron Diaz had a romantic dinner with John Mayer at Mai House in Tribeca. Residents of Martha’s Vineyard are happy that Larry David and Laurie are broken up and that Larry is dating again.

David Beckham hung out at the Box. Rudy Giuliani will receive the British Medal of Freedom for his leadership after September 11. Lindsay Lohan walked dogs in Sundance, Utah, as part of her rehab stint. Lauren Conrad made out with a new boyfriend at an L.A. club, but you’ve never heard of him. Lesbian mystery writer Val McDermid was offended by mystery writer Ian Rankin’s suggestion that all female mystery writers are bloodthirsty lesbians. Jessica Biel hired male strippers for her friend’s baby shower. Faye Dunaway used a personal scale to weigh the quantities of chicken and broccoli she was served at an L.A. restaurant. J.Lo’s new music video has an S&M motif, courtesy of director David LaChapelle. Christine Taylor likes to scare husband Ben Stiller. Leona Helmsley was not fond of homosexuals or South Americans, and she cheated at cards and backgammon, according to Cindy Adams.