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• The Post, in another damning Spitzer exclusive (it’s almost as if someone well connected in Albany hated the governor!), claims the administration is hiding a trove of private scandal-related e-mails, which Attorney General Cuomo, lacking subpoena power, didn’t get. [NYP]

• Rudy Giuliani’s campaign says his speeches in Iowa this week will “directly address” his well-documented pro-choice stance. He should be fine as long as he works in 9/11 somehow. [NYDN]
• The city is left rudderless as Mayor Bloomberg reports for jury duty today. He’s likely to get excused but, his spokesman says, expects “to be treated like a regular guy.” A regular guy with bodyguards. [amNY]
MTA is planning a direct, fast train from Manhattan to Stewart International Airport — pending a yearlong, $4 million “feasibility study.” [NYS]
• And New Jerseyans, keep boiling that water: There’s something deeply unsavory in the Garden State’s supply after a lightning strike briefly shut down a treatment plant in Haworth. [NYT]