Here We Go Again: Mike to Get His Traffic Money, If Albany Agrees


• The Feds are expected to announce today that, yes indeed, they’ll shell out the big bucks necessary for Bloomberg to execute his congestion-pricing dream plan — if Albany passes it first, that is. [NYT]

• A Jewish woman who speaks no Arabic has been named to run a controversial, Arabic-themed school now that the original leader, a Muslim woman, was ousted after defending “Intifada NYC” T-shirts. [NYP]
• “If disaster can be seen to have even a hint of silver lining, the homicides, which have drawn news coverage across the nation, have provoked a level of outrage, and commitment to change, not seen here since the riots of 40 years ago.” Yup, three Newark teens were killed execution style, but, hey, at least neighbors are talking to each other. [NYT]
• Better make sure that BlackBerry is deep in your pocket the next time you pour yourself into a cab. Most stuff left behind in the yellows is never recovered, according to a new study, though the Taxi commish says that’ll improve once GPS devices are installed in all cabs next year. [NYDN]
• Sixty years after the partition that created India and Pakistan, pitting them against each other, teens from both cultures are bridging the gap in super-multiculti Jackson Heights, chillaxin’ together at Bollywood flicks. Awww, don’t you love how New York can do that? [Newsday]