Ice Cream Is Always Better With Terrace Sprinkles on Top

Brooklyn Heights: A chunk of a balcony on Montague Street fell off and landed right near the bench outside Haagen-Dazs. Top that vanilla-bean cone with some period detail, indeed. [McBrooklyn]
Chelsea: What are those glowing orange footprints on Seventh Avenue below 23rd Street? A local artist’s protest against global warming — duh! [Blog Chelsea]
East Harlem: Folks up here fought hard against a slumlord — but now they allege the same bad treatment from the British firm that bought him out. [NYDN via Uptown Flavor]
Forest Hills: Very young hipsters are buying property here, saying it’s cool because it’s the home of the Ramones. Hoo boy. [Jonasan via Forest Hills 72]
Greenpoint: Here and elsewhere in the city, a new verb has been born: to Fedderize, that is, to remodel an old, quaint building into something very, very noncontextual and ugly. [Newyorkshitty]
Midwood: Some folks are accusing the Times’ real-estate coverage of overreporting the value of homes it features, such as this Victorian beauty. [Planet PLG via Brownstoner]
New Brighton: Don’t call it Static Island; A cutting-edge art gallery called SHOW, within walking distance of the ferry terminal, will open here by summer’s end. [Prodigal Borough]
Williamsburg: Are the folks behind the proposed redevelopment of the Domino Sugar factory co-opting local activists the way many say Bruce Ratner has done with Atlantic Yards? [Atlantic Yards Report]