Insurance-Man Blues

Woody Allen once had to drop Winona Ryder and Robert Downey Jr. from a movie because no one would insure them — just like Lindsay Lohan is getting dropped because no one will insure her. 50 Cent claimed that he’ll no longer put out any solo albums if Kanye West’s Graduation outsells his record when they both debut on September 11. In Jay McInerney’s latest book, Evelyn’s is based on now-shuttered West 9th Street speakeasy Marylou’s. Ashley Olsen says that she and sister Mary-Kate have a psychic bond and “carry the weight of each other.” Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld ate together at the Brooklyn Diner. Cheryl Tiegs likes to play hard-to-get with guys.

Ricky Martin says he wants to adopt a child from each continent. Ed Harris was held by police in London after trying to take a knife on a plane. David Beckham may jump from Adidas to Nike. American Idol owner Robert Sillerman may open a casino dedicated to Elvis Presley. Ashlee Simpson refused to let any female fans take pictures with Pete Wentz at the Hard Rock Hotel. Clive Owen claimed Angelina Jolie told him he looks sexy in T-shirts. Van Halen is set to start a 50-show tour, so long as David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen can remain civil with each other. Julie Delpy’s cat had to get a nose job.