It’s His Prerogative

Bobby Brown beefed up security in Australia because he still thinks Osama bin Laden is after him. Former party girl Taylor Stein, who just had a baby with William Lauder, has dated a lot of very, very wealthy older men. A documentary producer claims Bobby Kennedy got into a shouting match with Marilyn Monroe the night she died, and not in the bedroom where her body was found. Mom of the Year Dina Lohan is being sued for allegedly failing to pay back a $400,000 loan she used to jump-start Lindsay’s music career. ABC misspelled Whoopi Goldberg’s name in a press release announcing her as the new host of The View. Rudy Giuliani made up for the fact that the Yankees lost Eric Gange to the Red Sox by raising $350,000 at a Greenwich fund-raiser. Chelsea Clinton tried, and failed, to quietly read Harry Potter on the 6 train. CBS News execs are not pleased with the performance of some of the company’s interns. Tyra Banks attended a party for her Air Force cadet brother, who is going to Iraq.

Bill Clinton jokingly referred to himself as “bleeding-heart cheapskate” while trying to raise cash for his foundation. Management at the Chateau Marmont doesn’t like Posh Spice, but they’re fans of David Beckham. Current Marc Anthony spouse J-Lo and ex-wife Dayanara Torres appear together in a composite shot on the cover of People en Español, and Marc is not happy. Kanye West proclaimed “bling” dead. Marilyn Manson is being sued by his keyboardist for allegedly squandering the band’s earnings on Nazi memorabilia and taxidermy. The Hills stars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag hate each other so much that MTV had to Photoshop the two into a photo for a press shot. Alycia Lane, a.k.a. that chick who sent married NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen naughty photos, flipped out when Philadelphia magazine poked fun at her. Pete Doherty called Kate Moss a “nasty old rag” and claims he left her after being falsely accused of having sex with a neighbor. John Edwards is aggressively campaigning in the Hamptons.