James Brolin: That’s Not Richard Gere’s Butt


Gere and Brolin at Wednesday’s Hunting Party premiere.Photo: Getty Images

Richard Gere may say that’s his own butt in The Hunting Party, but his co-star James Brolin isn’t buying it. “That was a body double,” Mr. Barbra Streisand told us at a promotional lunch for the movie yesterday. “I’m sure that it was not his. If you look at the picture, there is a quick cut and I know, it doesn’t look like him.” Brolin knows what Gere’s backside looks like? “I worked with him for months. I know how his shoulders are shaped, and the minute they cut to that, I said, ‘That is not Richard.’ I don’t think it is him. But they’ll never tell you. It’s good press.” —Shira Levine