Joe Bruno, Eliot Spitzer Ruin It for Everybody


• One actual result of Troopergate (Brunogate? Spitzergate?): The State Ethics Commission passed a new rule preventing officials from using state aircraft unless the primary purpose of their trip is state business and requiring reimbursement for those parts that are not. [NYT]

• When a woman in New Hampshire asked Rudy Giuliani, campaigning there, why she should vote for him if his own kids wouldn’t, he told her to butt out. Oh, it’s Giuliani time. [NYP]
• Duane Reade’s domination of the city continues: Now doctors at the pharmacy’s ever-expanding “health centers” have admitting privileges at the top hospitals in New York. [NYS]
• What do the Canal Street Q stop, the A and D stops at 125th Street, and the elevator at the Herald Square station have in common? They’re among the smelliest subway sites in the MTA, which by fall will set 350 more staffers to mopping, scrubbing, and disinfecting all That Lies Beneath. [amNY]
• And you haven’t used a pay phone in years, but they brought in $13.7 million for the city last year. How? Billboard advertising. Which is why they not only survive but also are increasing. [NYT]